Sifu John Wick Mod (Free Download)


Download mod, install according to instruction. Copy to game folder. Play 🙂

Copy to folder SIFU —> sifu—> Content —> Packs

A mod on PC for Sloclap’s Sifu shows Keanu Reeves’ John Wick.

Sifu’s PC edition has recently received a mod that reskins Sifu’s vengeful and death-defying protagonist into Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. Further, John Wick features a scene where Wick shoots and fist-fights his way through a lively nightclub. Sifu’s combat is entirely composed of close-quarters-combat with no gunplay involved, but Sifu’s early Club dance floor and pit section are highly reminiscent of the movie’s with colorful stage lighting and electronic music playing in the background.

John Wick is popular for its stylish hand-to-hand combat mixed with elegant gunplay as the titular character commonly takes on a number of enemies at once. The similarities then between John Wick and Sifu are easily perceptible, and the character looks at home in this Sifu mod, even with a handgun not being an option. The active finisher animations that recover the player’s health in Sifu are also comparable to the cinematic action in John Wick, which has become popular in most action movies lately.

The Club poses a considerable challenge as Sifu’s second stage and tests players’ mettle with multiple enemy variations in succession. While mobs of normal opponents appear in many of the Club’s corridors and rooms, there are also many enemies who can perform staggering guard-break attacks that players must avoid, lest they suffer a lot of build-up on their Structure meter. The Club’s final boss, Sean, poses a huge threat with sweep attacks that are difficult to react to and attack cancels that are difficult to punish.